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Child Labor Is A Global Concern - 3517 Words

Introduction Child labor is now a global concern and has attracted attention of people in various sectors of the global economy. As a matter of fact International labor organization (ILO), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other international communities considers child labor completely abusive and ruthless. It is also considered to be derived from unequal society and therefore could be said that poverty and unequal distribution of wealth within the society makes children to go to work and in many cases to look after their family. The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that there are about 250 million economically active children worldwide. 61% of these workers are in Asia, which equals to approximately 153 million children. In Sub-Saharan area 1 in 4 children aged between the ages of 5 -17 work, compared to 1 in 8 in Asia. Around half of the economically children are working fulltime, and about 30 to 46 million are in very abusive and ruthless conditions or worse forms of chil d labor. What is Child Labor? Child labor refers to any employment that deprives them from their childhood. Therefore child labor is considered to be harmful because it is economically exploitive and is interfering with their education. It is also very much hazardous towards their health, or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development. In fact child labor not only harms the child, but also increases poverty and equitable development. It is also defined, as workShow MoreRelatedNike Corporation Essay732 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Identify a global organization with a multinational presence. Identify and research a cultural issue that affects this organizations interactions outside the United States. Define the issue and provide an overview of how it became an issue in the organization. Prepare an analysis of the ethical and social responsibility issues your organization must deal with as a result of being global. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper summarizing the results of the analysis. Include the following: IdentifyRead MoreWal Mart s Fight For Child Labor1342 Words   |  6 Pagesagainst businesses exploiting child labor to produce its goods. However, one way or another, we have all supported these businesses every time we went shopping. Whether it was a soccer ball for a child or a jacket for an adult, it was possibly manufactured using child labor. This issue is an important factor when it comes to the global market where some U.S. companies such as Nike, Reebok, or Wal-Mart have participated in. Western civilization has attempted to fight child labor for many years now, withRead MoreNike Ethics Case Study1215 Words   |  5 Pagesproducts, increase customer base and loyalty. Economies of scale from mass ordering and mass production are opportunities Nike sorted to exploit. However, this is not with problems as might lead to loss of control, and moral concern like was the case with Nike raising concern relating ethical principle in business. In this paper, we shall be answering que stions related to the complexities of expansion amid a globalize world drawing inspiration from â€Å"The Promise and Perils of Globalization: The CaseRead MoreIs Your Chocolate the Result of Unfair Exploitation of Child Labor650 Words   |  3 Pagesof Unfair Exploitation of Child Labor?† 1. Should labor practices in another country be a relevant consideration in international trade? Why or why not? Yes, labor practices in another country should be relevant for consideration in international trade. The reason for concern is labor and social advocates has increased imports from countries in which labor standards are apparently not enforced at an adequately high level. It’s important to have labor restrictions and eliminateRead MoreMovements for Social Change in an Integrated Global Economy Essay examples902 Words   |  4 PagesIncome inequality between the rich and the poor continues to be a significant concern in the United States, prompting national headlines and serious political debate regarding governmental policy. Historically, economies based on capitalism tend to have a pro-business stance, implementing pro-business policies to spur economic growth (Zinn, 2010). The typical role of the labor union has been to help improve economic equality between workers and the companies that employ them; however, unions haveRead MoreEssay Nike- Ethical Issues1454 Words   |  6 Pagesinternational business operations and analyze the ethical issues and dilemmas they are faced with as a result of manufacturing their goods on foreign soil. Areas of Concern Some areas of concern for Nike include poor working conditions, low wages, child labor, as well as health concerns in the factories. These are all areas of concern where ethics is involved. Ethics is the generic term for the science of our morals. The executives at Nike have been accused of many ethical dilemmas. ForRead MoreThe Impact Of Social Dimensions On World Health Organization Statistics1081 Words   |  5 PagesSocial Dimension Based on World Health Organization statistics, global economic interdependence has led to an astonishing increase of the population and higher standards of living (, 2016). For instance, Lagos used to have a population of 41,000 in 1900 (Cahoon, n.d.). A century later, Lagos records an astonishing population number of 8 million (World Population Review, 2016). The traveling from one place to another resulted in denser population centers. For instance, China has 150 millionRead MoreOutsourcing: Lets Get It Right Essay1208 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened† (Kennedy, 1963). Continuous improvements in technology capabilities have provided companies with tools to more easily conduct business on a global scale. However, when conducting business with different cultures, you risk different ethical standards. Companies should be accountable for ensuring their product or services can be received by the consumer in good conscience, void of human ethics violations, regardlessRead MoreIkeas Global Sourcing Challenge1241 Words   |  5 PagesIKEA’s Global Sourcing Challenge IKEA, one of the world’s largest specialized furniture retailers, has been presented with a large issue within their operations. In 1995, a German TV station released an investigative report which exposed one of the suppliers for IKEA rugs for exploiting child labor in their factory. A recent addendum was signed by all IKEA suppliers which forbid the use of child labor (Bartlett amp; Sjoman, p. 1, 2006), so this incident has called the company to make an actionRead MoreGender, Sociology, Anthropology, And Sociology1559 Words   |  7 Pagesbelieves in parenting, teenage pregnancy, child care, gay and lesbian families, housework, divorce, child custody and family aggression. He makes a sturdy case for more impartial contribution of men and women at home and at work, quoting plentiful researches resulting that women’s mounting involvement in the labor marketplace outside their homes has not been harmonized by an identical augment in men’s participation in work in home including household work and child care. Besides this Kimmel is of the view

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America Needs More Gun Control Essay - 1372 Words

The American people are sick and fed up with what assault weapons have done. The American people have come to realize what these weapons are doing on our streets. They are saying, enough, is enough, is enough. (Gibbs, 1993) Many Americans believe that gun control should be improved and the regulations made more stringent. However, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has a most formidable lobby, and lobbing campaign, which up until this time, has presented past Presidents from initiation gun control laws. There appears to be an almost grass roots movement to stifle efforts which attempt to establish more effective gun control laws. To a large extent, it is our Constitution which gives us the right to bear arms, and†¦show more content†¦According to New York Congressman Major Owens: We cannot expect to rein-in the costs of our health care system if emergency rooms are overflowing with victims of gun violence. While the 500 plus members of the Clinton health care task for ce considered everything from defining who is a part-time worker to estimating the number of jobs lost because of reform, little attention was paid to violence. That may soon change. Dr. David Satcher, Clintons newly appointed director who is a part-time worker to estimating the number of jobs lost because of reform, little attention was paid to violence. (Thompson, 1993) Indeed, there are extremely high, as well as escalating costs relating to victims of gunfire. Many of these are attributed to domestic violence, and far too many are related to accidents. Members of the family cause many of these accidents, particularly children, who fool around with the house-gun, and as result murder someone else, themselves, or commit serious injuries. A strong argument can and is made for further controls on the prevailing sales of guns. There are some miscellaneous facts and statistics regarding guns and gun control, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, the percentage of violent crimes Committed with a fire arm dropped in 1994 - - the same year that the Brady Law went into effect. This decline ended the steady increase in gun violence from 1985 to 1993. TheShow MoreRelatedAmerica Needs More Gun Control1881 Words   |  8 Pagesmoney.† She pulled out her gun from her back pocket and shot him in the toe. She didn’t kill him, but she prevented herself from getting killed. That gun saved her life and my life. You never know when something bad might happen. It could come out at any time, any day, anywhere. If my aunt hadn’t been allowed to carry that gun, we both might not be alive today. Even though some people believe America needs more gun control, this country needs less gun control because people need a way to protect themselvesRead MoreEssay America Needs More Gun Control1409 Words   |  6 PagesConstitution to the United States really mean? Does every citizen have the right to own a gun? Should there be limitations on who can possess a gun ? Gun right advocates believe they have the right to possess a gun without restrictions. Gun Control advocates on the other hand support more limitations on the accessibility of guns and also want to ban certain types of guns. They argue that the more guns there are the more crime there will be. Is either one of these arguments justified? Which party is rightRead MoreAmerica Needs More Guns: Say No to Gun Control Essay2237 Words   |  9 PagesGuns do not kill people, people do. The American Dream is being able to work towards and achieve whatever makes you happy, whether it be owning your own business, joining the military, or staying at home raising a family, but the only way to reach your dream is to do it without living in fear that your dream will be taken away. In the last couple years mass shootings and attacks on schools have sadly become a common tragedy. Those who have been victims of public shootings or any other life scarringRead More America Needs More Gun Control La ws Essay2848 Words   |  12 Pagesbe correct about Americans having more rights than many other countries, but sometimes the government has too much trust in the American people. Taking away all privately owned guns is not the answer, because doing so would consequentially create a communist state. Instead, the best solution is to control who buys guns and for what purpose. There are over 283 million licensed guns in the U.S. (Herbert p1), which does not include the unregistered and illegal guns people own, buy, and sell from theRead MoreEssay about America Needs More Gun Control Laws1397 Words   |  6 Pagesacross the United States. Nevertheless, in today’s society, gun violence is sparking debate and controversy on how to control gun violence. Throughout the country, thousands of laws and regulations have been created to aid in the control of guns. Through much study, the gun laws and regulations in place have very little effect on the number of gun related injuries and deaths. More needs to be done to establish an effective way to control gun violence. Potential Solutions Shootings in the United StatesRead MoreStricter Gun Laws in America829 Words   |  4 PagesSTRICTER GUN LAWS IN AMERICA â€Æ' America needs stricter measures on gun usage because other countries have clearly shown that it is possible to have a much lower percentage of gun-related violence. The obvious changes that America needs to improve on are stricter gun-control laws, and a system of education before people are allowed to own guns. Guns were used in 11,078 homicides in the U.S. in 2010, comprising almost 35% of all gun deaths, and over 68% of all homicides (Statistics onRead MoreGun Control Laws On America1369 Words   |  6 Pages Many activist think that they could control the gun violence in America, just by taking away weapons from the people and making new laws. What they don’t know is that there are many loopholes in the laws that they make so peoples find ways to get guns. We already have gun control laws from back then. the government just passed more laws instead of enforcing the laws that we already. †The activists pass more and more laws thinking that the more laws we have the better they would be enforced.† (Drake)Read MoreNegative Effects Of Gun Control954 Words   |  4 PagesNegative Effects of Gun Control The recent terrorist situations in America could have turned out differently if the victims had been armed. There have been too many terrorist situations lately in America. Many people who are not in favor of gun rights want to make it more difficult or even impossible for citizens to purchase weapons. When stricter gun control is enforced, then citizens may not be able to protect themselves. We need to find a way to prevent gun related tragedies, but that doesRead MoreGun Control Laws Should Be Legal Essay1345 Words   |  6 PagesGun control has been a hot topic in your society recreantly everyone has a different view on gun control. There are two sides to the argument people that are for gun control and people that are against gun control. The media talks about the two biggest factors the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment the right to bear arms. But the most important question is whether gun-control laws actually reduce gun crimes or murder rates in general. Most people believe that having a fewer numberRead MoreThe Second Amendment vs Gun Control Essay1520 Words   |  7 Pagescould save one child, but many people find this statement to be ridiculous. Gun control is thought of as a government policy or regulations to control or limit the sale and use of firearms. In the U.S. constitution, the 2nd Amendment states that a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Inside America today, gun control is a major issue, especially in the political arena. People debate on the daily

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Case Control Study - 961 Words

Discussion In recent years, it has been suggested that miRNAs act as key regulators of gene expression networks. Like other genes, single nucleotide polymorphism in miRNA genes can affects their function at different levels, such as miRNA transcription, maturation and target specificity. Our study is the first report of mir 23a, mir155 and mir 196a2 polymorphism in the iranian MS patients. In this case control study we examined the impact of functional mir 155 rs767649, mir196a2 rs11614913 and miR-23a rs3745453 polymorphism on MS risk in a sample of Isfahan population. We found that miR-23a rs3745453 CT variant seem to increase the risk of MS in this population (OR =2.5). Compared with ridolfi et al. The results did not support an†¦show more content†¦Saumet et al. in 2008 observed that miR-23a~27a~24-2 is directly repressed by the PML-RARA oncogene. also in some study upregulation of miR-23a has been observed in cancers(22). Considerable up-regulation of miR-23a was reported by Meng and Gottardo in human bladder cancer and in malignant cholangiocytes compared to normal tissues. Furthermore, Mi et al. in their study showed that miR-23a was among several other miRNAs that have been differentially expressed between acute myeloid leukemia (AMLs) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALLs). In addition, up-regulation of miR-23a/b along with miR-24 has also been identified in osteoblast cell line (20,21). An exonic MiR-155 with rs767649 (T/A) polymorphism in the upstream region of the pre-miR-155 gene is transcribed from the B-cell integration cluster (BIC) that is located on chromosome 21. It has been suggested that miR155 modulate host antiviral immune response by elevating type I IFN signaling. In some study This miRNA proposed to be involved in diverse biological processes, such as inflammation, differentiation, and immunity. Furthermore, dysregulation of miR-155 has been reported in viral infections and different cancers. Some study reported mir155 highly expressed in activated T and B cells as well as macrophage and dendritic cells(23). Our result suggested that rs767649 TT genotype have potential to act as a risk factor for MS(OR=2.5), also 94 % ofShow MoreRelatedFatty Acid Composition Of Adipose Tissue And Colorectal Cancer : A Case Control Study845 Words   |  4 PagesFatty acid composition of adipose tissue and colorectal cancer: a case-control study Colorectal cancer is considered as the third most common cancers worldwide that usually leads to the death of the patient. Studies have proved that lifestyle factors great influence the development and spread of cancer. Modifying the lifestyle can reduce the risk of getting colorectal cancer by 70%. It is noted that more consumption of red and processed meat increase the risk of developing colorectal cancer. HoweverRead MoreA Study On Sudden Infant Death Syndrome1664 Words   |  7 PagesBackground Information: The study took place in north Europe Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The local paediatrician from Norway and Sweden and the forensic institution of Denmark invited parents of sudden infant death syndromes (SIDS) to take part in the study. Sudden infant death syndrome is the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently healthy baby. There were several aims behind the study. The main aim of the study was to overlook whether smoking wasRead MoreUnderestimated Due With An Inadequate Surveillance System1683 Words   |  7 Pagesthe increase in surveillance and intervention in both cases is the advancement in technology and increase in mobility of modern times and globalization. As a result of this, American economic stimulation in the Caribbean demanded surveillance increases; the possibility of travel by EHF victims/contacts from West Africa caused hysteria in the Western world and stimulated intervention from world and American health care authorities. 2. A case study outline for salmonellosis involves the identificationRead MoreDepression And Dementi Depression1276 Words   |  6 PagesSeveral studies have shown links between depression and dementia. Brommelhoff, Johansson, Fratiglioni, Gatz, McArdle, Pederson state, â€Å"there are three hypotheses that might explain the association† (Jorm, 2001). The first is that depression is a symptom that indicates the onset of dementia, also known as a prodromal feature. The second is that the two are independent illnesses; however, depression causes cognitive deficits, which lead to an earlier onset of dementia. The last argues that depressionRead MoreThe Association Between Low Hdl Blood Levels And Colonic Cancer1648 Words   |  7 PagesDyslipidemia is a pathological alteration of lipid and lipoprotein concentrations in the blood. It is one of the main elements of metabolic syndrome. Epidemiological studies have shown that persons with the metabolic syndrome have an increased r isk of colorectal cancer (CRC). One of the possible mechanisms is that lipids and lipoproteins have been found to be associated with neoplastic processes as well as inflammation, insulin resistance and oxidative stress. On the other side, some of the factorsRead MoreHuman Searches Of Databases Produced A Total Of 704 References And Abstract Records After Removal Of Duplicates.we Accessed 18967 Words   |  4 Pagespapers for further full text screening to determine eligibility. We found 1 ongoing study (Badlani 2009) and four studies (Hajebrahimi 2011; Lee 2011; Xu 2007; Yamanishi 2004) fulfilled the inclusion criteria. A flow diagram of the process of selecting studies is presented in Figure 1. Included studies    A total of 322 females with VD in four trials were randomly allocated to pharmacological interventions or control groups. In Hajebrahimi 2011, 40 females diagnosed with VD according to AUASS andRead MoreA word related presentation happens throughout the execution of occupation obligations and may put900 Words   |  4 Pagesis a vital device in danger evaluation and in the administration of exercises including treatment of risky substances.[1] There are numerous perilous substances for which there are no formal word related presentation limits. In these cases, danger banding or control banding methods might be utilized to guarantee safe handling.simple representation of presentation danger appraisal and administration progressive system focused around accessible data Word related Introduction Limits (Oels) have beenRead MoreEvidence Based Practice Worksheet On Patient Care1067 Words   |  5 Pagesenteral nutrition therapy. Results of two retrospective studies determined that by the 45th week of enteral nutrition administration, 85% of patients reached remission when compared to only 76% of remission in patients who were receiving an oral route of nutrition intake. However, all of the patients examined did exhibit a decrease in severity of the disease (P0.0001). Additionally, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia reported a retrospective study determined that 65% of 23 patients reporting withRead MoreViewing Cute Images Increases Behavioral Carefulness1370 Words   |  6 Pagesthem to use tweezers to remove plastic body parts without touching the sides of the compartments. The game served as an assessment of behavioral carefulness. Participants exposed to cute infant animals displayed greater improvements in fine-motor control from before to after the slide show. Lack of consistent changes in physiological measures ruled out general physiological arousal as an explanation. Results indicated that cuteness not only motivates people to nurture, but also enhances their abilityRead MoreEssay about Its Time To Make Marijuana Legal for Recreational Use 923 Words   |  4 Pa gesharmless to the adult user. Several studies have concluded that even long-term use of marijuana is not associated with an increased cancer risk. This includes cancers of the lungs, prostate, breasts, or cervix among others under current study. A recent population-based case-control study in 2009 even found that light marijuana usage over a 20 year period was associated with a lowered risk of head and neck cancer, and a 5-year-long population-based case control study found that even long-term heavy marijuana

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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Essay - 466 Words

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost The Road Not Taken Everyone is a traveler, choosing the roads to follow on the map of the continuous journey of life. There is never a straight path that leaves someone with a single direction to head. Regardless of the message that Robert Frost had intended to convey, his poem The Road Not Taken, has left many interpretations for his readers. It is ones past, present, and his attitude with which he looks upon his future. In any case however, this poem clearly demonstrates Frosts belief that it is the road that one chooses that makes him the man who he is. It is always difficult to make a decision because it is impossible to wander what opportunity lies at the other end and what will be†¦show more content†¦As much as he strains his eyes to see how far the road stretches, eventually it surpasses his vision, to the point where he can not see where the road will lead. It is the way that he chooses here that sets him off on his journey. Th e traveler then took the other, just as fair, and having perhaps the better claims (stanza 2, line 1). What gave off the better claim is that it was grassy and wanted wear (stanza 2, line3). Obviously he wanted the path with less wear because the majority of the other people took the other path therefore calling it the one less traveled by (stanza 3, line 4). The fact the traveler selected this path over the more traveled one, indicates the type of personality he has. It is one that likes to be a leader and not a follower. This individuals personality is the type that likes to explore and expand beyond its limits. His experimenting personality noticed the leaves that covered the ground. His decision was made on which path he would take when he made the statement since the time they had fallen no step had trodden black (stanza 2, line 7). Perhaps Frost does this because each time a traveler comes to this point they have to make a decision, something new, somewhere they have never bee n before. He expresses the desire to travel both paths by saying I kept the first for another day (stanza 2, line 8). However the speaker realizes his decision is a permanent choice, knowing how way leads on to wayShow MoreRelatedThe Road Not Taken By Robert Frost983 Words   |  4 PagesThe poem â€Å"The Road Not Taken was written by Robert Frost, a four-time Pulitzer Prize winner in poetry, and also a special guest at President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration (Robert Frost Biography). Frost was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California and he died of complications from prostate surgery on January 29, 1963. Much of Robert’s popularity was gained throughout Europe (An Analysis of Robert Frost’s Poem: The Road Not Taken). Frost became a poetic force, and the unofficial poetRead MoreThe Road Not Taken by Robert Frost764 Words   |  3 PagesWritten by Robert Frost, â€Å"The Road Not Taken† deals with about making choices in life and how those choices affect your whole life. The meter of this poem is iambic tetrameter, for the most part. In most lines, the meter follows the rule with four iambs, which means that there is one unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. But the meter is not normal since, in some lines, an anapest, which means there are two unstressed syllables followed by one stressed syllable, is substituted forRead MoreThe Road Not Taken By Robert Frost1173 Words   |  5 PagesRobert Frost, one of America’s well-known poets is highly regarded for his realistic illustrations of rural life and poetry which is still relevant in today’s society. After being honoured on numerous occasions, he became one of America’s most popular public figures. Frosts’ poems reflect his greatness and his life in a variety of ways after he was confronted with such despair and grief after the passing of his father due to tuberculosis at just eleven years of age and his mother who passed a wayRead MoreThe Road Not Taken By Robert Frost995 Words   |  4 Pagesthey can only move forward hoping for the best. â€Å"The Road Not Taken†, Robert Frost, 1916. In â€Å"The Road Not Taken† a traveler is strolling through the woods and comes across two different roads he could take, and unable to travel both the poet eventually chooses which path to take. The theme conveyed is about making choices. Frost does this through the use of diction, the use of figure of speech, and the use of imagery. To start with, Frost displays the main idea of decision making by the wordsRead MoreThe Road Not Taken By Robert Frost1055 Words   |  5 Pagesago. Either way, if you admit it now or in the wee hours of the night, like most people, you will come across this question at least once in your life. Robert Frost was able to grasp this raw, vulnerable life changing moment in the palm of his hand. Then he beautifully laid it out in the form of words in the narrative poem â€Å"The Road Not Taken†. Frost is able to take you back to a time when you have been faced with a life-changing decision. Then, causing you to ask yourself â€Å"Did I make the right choiceRead MoreThe Road Not Taken By Robert Frost940 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"The Road Not Taken† was written by Robert Frost in 1916, and it was the first poem in the collection Mountain Interval (Shmoop). Even though it was written many years ago, people of all ages still study this enticing poem. Frost wrote about coming to a fork in the woods and examining which path he should take and whether he might ever come back; the speaker believes each path is fine to take, but he takes the less used path (line 6). He wrote about this decision in clear, standard English. â€Å"TheRead MoreThe Road Not Taken By Robert Frost863 Words   |  4 PagesThe Poem, â€Å"The Road Not Taken†, by Robert Frost is a detailed poem about a conflict in a person’s life, dealing with having to take the right path throughout life. The Narrator of this poem is faced with a predicament when he comes across two paths. The choices that he makes in his life, can alter the future for better or worse. This poem describes his attitude and emotion towards his choices as well as, shows examples of themes, mood, and different literary devices. The title of this poem canRead MoreThe Road Not Taken, By Robert Frost968 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal Response 3 Title: The Road Not Taken Text Type: Poem Author: Robert Frost The poem, ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost is about the â€Å"roads† and different paths we take in our lives. Frost wrote about a traveler who had to chose between two roads. He had to decide if he wanted to go down the well used or less used path. In the end, he went down the less used path. The theme of decision making and choices is shown in this poem. I think that this is a way of describing the choices we makeRead MoreRoad Not Taken, Robert Frost942 Words   |  4 PagesEnglish 101 Burstrem October 7, 2009 The Road Not Taken Life is full of choices and decisions that could ultimately change the outcome of our lives. In the poem, â€Å"The Road Not Taken† by Robert Frost, a traveler is destined to make that decision. This traveler man has to decide which road to take, one that is frequently traveled, and the one that is not. After contemplating which road to follow, he comes to the decision to take the road less traveled because he doesn’t want to follow inRead MoreThe Road Not Taken By Robert Frost1100 Words   |  5 PagesRobert Frost reflects that poetry â€Å"begins in delight and ends in wisdom†¦.It runs a course of lucky events , and ends in a clarification of life—not necessarily a great clarification, such as sects and cults are found on, but in a momentary stay against confusion† (931). His poem â€Å"The Road Not Taken† is a clarification of life. This paper will analyze and evaluate the formal elements of â€Å"The Road Not Taken† and consid er how these elements work together to fit the author’s purpose and clarification

Abortion in Ancient Times Free Essays

Procedure of abortion is known since ancient times. The word abortion is came the Latin abortus where â€Å"ab† means â€Å"amiss† and â€Å"oriri† means â€Å"likely to be born, arise†. Along with infanticide it has existed in many societies, both primitive and advanced. We will write a custom essay sample on Abortion in Ancient Times or any similar topic only for you Order Now The earliest records of an abortive technique go back about 4,600 years to an ancient Chinese work, purportedly the work of Emperor Shen Nung which prescribes the use of mercury to induce an abortion. In ancient ages pessaries or vaginal suppositories were used as an abortifacients. They are generally more effective than oral drugs and included substances such as juice of the wild fig, a â€Å"dairy liquid† ,which caused irritation, soapwort, myrrh, myrtle, lupine, cedar-oil mixed with water, wine, or hot oil. Ancient doctors also suggested smearing on the uterine opening goose fat, mashed leek and celery, rose oils, pine resin, copper scum, boiled honey, sodium carbonate, and even mouse dung. The Egyptian Kahun Papyrus, which dates to 1850 B. C. , recommend crocodile feces either for preventing conception or as an abortifacient. The Ebers Papyrus, which dates to 1550 B. C. , contains several recipes that â€Å"cause a woman to stop pregnancy in the first, second, or third period. † One recipe for a vaginal suppository includes mixed the unripe fruit of Acacia, colocynth, dates, and 6/7 pints of honey and pouring the mixture onto a moistened plant fiber. Modern Arabic women still take colocynth as an abortifacient, though one woman who took 120 grains in a powder died 50 hours later. In Arabic medicine, elephant feces were frequently recommended. Aristotle suggests that the conceptus had a â€Å"soul† after 40 days from conception if a male and 90 if female. In addition there are similar differentiations in the Bible. Later, Aristotle says that the fetus develops gradually and that it is impossible to make a fine judgment. Famous doctors such as Pliny the Elder, Dioscorides, and Pseudo-Galen mention more â€Å"superstitious† abortifacients, like passage over the root of a cyclamen, the egg of a crow, a snake, or a stone which was bitten by a dog. Ancient physicians also used pessaries, or vaginal suppositories, as abortifacients. They were usually more potent than oral drugs and included substances like the juice of the wild fig, a â€Å"milky liquid† which caused irritation, soapwort, myrrh, myrtle, lupine, cedar-oil mixed with water, wine, or hot oil. Physicians also recommend smearing on the uterine opening goose fat, mashed leek and celery, rose oils, pine resin, copper scum, boiled honey, sodium carbonate, and even mouse dung. In the Middle Ages, abortion was tolerated because there were no laws against it. There were a variety of abortifacients, such as mixture called â€Å"cup of roots† and another known as a â€Å"A Cure for All Kinds of Stomach Aches. However after long time, therapeutic abortion is one of the most controversial subjects in modern society, is evident capable of generating intense passions, that lead to a great number of other social issues. In recent decades, on a global scalethere is increasing pressure for changes in abortion which could lead to a various consequence s. A great number of people have the view that abortion is a matter merely between a woman and her attending physician. There is another opinion that ultimately abortion should be granted on request. According to the statistics of UN’s Department of Economic and social Affairs of 2007 year, about 97% of countries around the world allow abortion in the event of an emergency, when women’s life is in explicit threat. There are only 5 countries where abortion is prohibited. These countries are Chile, El Salvador, the Holy See, Malta and Nicaragua. The most strict abortion laws are adopted in developing countries. For example, there are 19% of developing countries that authorize abortion on account of social and economic issues, 15% that allow it on request. In contrast, there are 78% of developed countries that let abortion for economic and social issues, 67% of them permit it on request. In the vast majority of countries, to have an abortion woman has to pass additional procedural requirements. It could be agreement of parents, the husband or third-party authorization, consultations, waiting period, categories of health providers permitted to perform abortions. However, it is essential to notice that this statistic is not absolutely clear, because not all countries give full information about abortion rate. How to cite Abortion in Ancient Times, Papers

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Love Your Job Essay Learn to Love Your JobIts time to make peace with what you do. By Kathy SimmonsReaders from the South are, no doubt, familiar with kudzu-a prolific vine that wraps itself around other vegetation, strangling the life out of it. Does this sound like what your job is doing to you? Rather than helping you to blossom, is your job running you over like a lawnmower? Stop the madness! You spend too much time at work to be miserable. You can cut through career kudzu by putting the following advice into action. Be Honest With Your BossYour boss may be talented and inspirational, but probably not a mindreader. If you are frustrated at work, speak up. Your boss has a right to know if you are feeling undervalued, burned out, or desperately in need of a more flexible schedule. There are, of course, ways to conduct this talk so that you dont sound whiny or hopelessly confused. Many companies now offer training to employees, helping them to understand their personal values and what their dream job really is. This training teaches employees how to instigate and prepare for development discussions with their boss. You may be more appreciated and have more options than you thought. A good boss can give you strategies to pull your attitude out of a funk. Give it a chance, and be honest in your discussion. By forgiving abusive jerks, you are actually giving yourself a break.Let the Job Bring Out Your BestIf you have a job that matches your skills poorly, youll end up hating it. For example, sales jobs are not for everyone. An introverted, quiet person is likely to feel uncomfortable chasing down some sales quota. Your job should fit like a glove, not force you to be something you are not. Ill-fitting jobs cause stress, according to psychologist Bill Crawford, author of All Stressed Up ; Nowhere to Go!. Stress is a signal that something needs to change. Suffering is when we dont make the change, Crawford explains, Often we dont listen to the signal of stress in our lives until it becomes a severe problem. If your job is not fulfilling, get creative. Drastic changes are not always necessary. Arlene S. Hirsch, author of Love Your Work and Success Will Follow, tells the story of a banker with strong financial analysis skills who was experiencing great job dissatisfaction. He recaptured his love for music by accepting a job as CFO for a symphony orchestra. Smart move! Psychology

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Reflective Human Resource Management Planning †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Reflective Human Resource Management Planning. Answer: Introduction: As per my opinion, ach of the module set in the course has its benefits in launching a group assessment. Leadership style and the techniques in influencing power, communication strategies taught over the modules will help in influencing the virtual team that is our course work of module four. Moreover, the course on organizational behavior and the challenge identification will help to reduce the obstacles faced in the team project. This will not only facilitate in the team project, but also assist in the professional work. I can now better identify the risk in a project. In addition to that, it helped me better formulate the plan required to form a project team and keep it influenced over the duration of the project. The course work enriched my knowledge on leadership, influencing techniques, organizational behavior, risk assessment, stakeholder management and communication. Each of the above learning has its implication in both the team project in the course and in professional life. Managing a virtual team will no doubt be a tough task as the team members belongs from cross cultural backgrounds with different interest. They are likely to be influenced by various factors. Hence, the lesson that I received on the influence techniques will help me in keeping the team members motivated. Learning on leadership and communication will help me to better communicate with the members. It in turn will help me to communicate the procedure that will be taken for the completion of the project. Organizational behavior on the other hand will guide me in predict and understanding the behaviors of the stakeholders involved in the project. Risk identification and assessment in the lesion will again help in reducing the risk factors related the projects I will take part in. Last but not the least, lesion on the human resource management planning will help me make a planning on the HR management. Planning is the first pillar towards success and it will help me to come up with a proper plan for better managing the team and change particular parts if required. It will help me to keep the data sorted.